《Digital Sculpture Exhibition Media Release》

Opening: 3:30pm, 6th November, 2008
Date: 5th November, 2008----27th November
Venue: 1-2F, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art & Duolun Road
Present by: Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
        Today Art Museum
        Chongqing Jingse galleries
Support by: Autodesk Logo
Curator: Tang Ya
Official WebSite:www.duolunmoma.org


  Digital Sculpture Circuit Exhibition which supported by Autodesk Logo and manufactured by both American and Chinese sculpture artists will be held from 5th November, 2008 to 27th November.

   This digital sculpture circuit exhibition which has been taking three months involves three cities that are Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing. And this is the first time that digital sculpture art is displayed in China.

   These works are made by famous modern sculpture artists Bruce Beasley, Kenneth Snelson, Jon Isherwood and Robert Michael Smith from US. They have produced works for several months by using newly digital design technique and cooperating with Chinese sculpture artist.

   As the name implies, digital sculpture means the sculptor produces sculpture through digital technology. Unlike animations or games, digital sculpture is not simply a virtual image in computer memory but primarily a physical object in real space created by virtue of digital technology.

   Digital technology is undoubtedly playing a key role today, reaching all aspects of our lives. The most important aesthetic feature of digital art is rationality and virtualization. The biggest technical advantage lies in clear and accurate modeling and program control capability, allowing the design of various characters, animals and plants as well as the change, modification and editing of combinations. For the first time, man can create a new world at ease and feel like a creator in the world of numbers and programs.

   Bruce Beasley is an American master of sculpture and is one of the initiators of the Digital Stone exhibition. In 1960 when he was 21 years old, he took part in “The Art of Assemblage” exhibition in New York together with Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Rauschenberg and David Smith. In a style typical of Abstract Expressionism, his early works focus on space, rhythm, power and music. Not content with those achievements, however, he began experimenting with cast acrylic in order to use light and transparency as the subject of his sculptures. Beasley’s scientific spirit and capability deserve extensive concern.

  Kenneth Snelson is another great contemporary sculptor in the United States. His works are found in any portfolio of urban landscape sculpture. Snelson’s sculptures focus on basic structure of the physical world and physical forms in 3D space - energy and motion. By combining mathematical logic with illusion, he conveys the image of both particle and universe.

   Jon Isherwood’s sculptures different from the pure Abstract Expressionism of Bruce Beasley and Kenneth Snelson while being more closely related with traditional handicraft. The sculpture thus becomes a combination of random manual form and digital accuracy, expressing the sensibility of life fused with the rationality of technology, traditional handicraft fused with digital information.

   Robert Michael Smith’s sculptures look like a mixture of prehistoric creatures, deep-sea plants, seashells, mollusks and microorganisms, that carry memories of the origins of Life, speculations of the dark deep sea and boundless outer space, patterns of cells under microscope with the aesthetic appeal of contemporary art, while expressing illusions concerning the future of Life.

   Therefore, from 3D digital design software to 3D digital modeling devices, digital technology has formed a complete modeling process, freeing some sculptors from traditional sculpture crafts/techniques and the limitations of sketches and clay sculpture while offering them a brand-new technology route with unlimited development opportunities.

Bruce Beasley

Kenneth Snelson

Jon Isherwood

Robert Michael Smith

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