Update : 2008-07-02

Sheer Boredom

Organizer: Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
Co-organizer: Black Box Art Studio
Support: HUOJU, Sowerart
Exhibition Time: 21st, March, 2017-4th, April, 2017
Opening Ceremony: 6:30 pm, 21st, March, 2017 (Sound and Behavior Performance)
Location: Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art (No.27 Duolun Rd.)
Artists: Wang Jiongji, Zhang Ying, Bai Jie, Wu Xiaojuan, Lv Desheng, Lv Xiaonan, Xu Jie, Pan Fan, A Xiang, Wu Wenqi, Liu Wenwen
Live Sound Performance: Acid Gael Rin, A Xiang
Live Performance Art: Wang Jiongji, Wu Wenqi, Liu Wenwen


Everyone's life is just like a movie, but not every movie has a touching and soul-stirring ending. Each person has a different attitude towards life, which constitutes a whole life and decides the direction of life.

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