Update : 2008-07-02

Deutsch-chinesischer Künstler Qi Yang
Malerei Installation Video

Opening: 3:00pm Sep. 22, 2013
Exhibition Periods: Sep. 22 – Oct.10,2013
Curator: Prof. Dr. Beate Reifenscheid, Direktorin des Ludwig Museums
Exhibition Director: Du Fang
Coordinator: Elvis Gu
Organizer: Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
Co-organizers: Bell Art Center Deutschland
Adam Schall von Bell Wissenschaft und Kunstforschung e.V.
Venue: No.27 Duolun Road , Shanghai ,China

The exhibition project 2013 “Home” focuses on the personal yearning for identity and the being-oneself which is reflected in the large scenery of two cultures, the German and Chinese. The artist's experiences abroad, his being at home in Europe and working through the fundamental changes holding China in a firm grasp for the past few decades, are all revealed in his expressive works. Two cultures, two languages and two mentalities pulsate vibrantly, fusing into 'one' art, the art of Qi Yang. By taking issue with the hereby created 'interculture' he implements his philosophy of life in his art.


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