Update : 2008-07-02

Exhibition period: June 20th --July 13th 2015
Artists: Ghada Da, Richeie Fermie, MHP, Paula Zuccotti
Curator: JW Stella
Organizer: Shanghai Duolun Museum Of Modern Art、JW Stella、SONIC RAYGUN
Sponsor: Light and Motion.
New Media Art Partner:Chronus Art Center & New Media Technical Partner: WTi, CP
Private View: Thursday, 19 June 2015, 6:30-8:30pm
Opening music performance by Pan Daijing and Mindy Wang, 7:30pm
Ghada Da's Performace entitled '私语[tsuyuu]' meaning 'whispers' will take place from 19 -21 June.

(*Friday 19th: 6.45-7.15 pm/ *Saturday 20th: 2-4pm/ *Sunday 21st: 2-4pm)

'TIME Capsule: Allegories of Shanghai' emanates from our proposition of 'culture' as one of the most complicated forms of ecology that exists. Culture itself is not easily defined by words alone, because it is a constantly evolving state of mind that is as organic as our use of language. Therefore there is no such thing asa defining moment for culture. To that end for over a century anthropologists have been trying to understand culture, and its absolute
definition still remains unanswered. As an evolving phenomena culture is currently effecting and effected by people living through the epochs of post-globalization; mass mobility and digital modernity. 

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